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I've developed a unique, easy to understand, systematic approach to learning guitar that uses the established building blocks of music appropriate for your skill level.


No shortcuts, no hacks, nothing unnecessary . . .  I teach the real stuff.

Whether you are a new or seasoned player, if you really want to improve your guitar skills, this is for you!


Although learning other artist's songs & "licks" are entertaining, this does not allow you to create your own songs or improvise through "osmosis". 


However, I do show how the building blocks of music that you've learned are used in those melodies, show how to apply the same concepts to your own improvisations & empower you to make your own Country, Blues, Rock or Jazz music.


This system will help you unlock your own creativity.

Perfect for Busy Professionals, home schoolers & self-guided, motivated musicians. 

Our curriculum starts with learning how to hold your instrument, the note names, popular scales, staff elements (like note & rest values), improvisation, circle of fifths thru advanced chordal, tonal & modal concepts.  


You can easily adapt our curriculum to your students needs & learning style.  Ask about One-on-One lessons with other instruments like piano, violin, drums, etc.

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