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Section 1
  • Learn how to hold the guitar, the parts of a guitar, how to hold the pick, how to strum, the proper position for your hands and other small details that can be real stumbling blocks that can lead to frustration for new guitarists. 

  • The most common scales & chords with the most common key for guitar in pop music.

  • Note names & an introduction to music theory.  

  • GOAL:  you'll be able to play & enjoy your guitar after the beginner's section.

  • Adding to scale & chord vocabulary

  • Play in all keys

  • How to improvise with scales without letting them sound like "scales".  They will sound like melodies.  Learn how to select notes from the scale that you like, that you want to hear, it's your tastes that come out, so it makes it "Your Artist voice".

  • GOAL:  you'll be able to improvise properly in any key with advanced chords & solos that contain melodic themes, proper bending & vibrato.

  • Proper chord substitutions 

  • True Modal playing 

  • Key modulations 

  • Abstract soloing concepts using exotic scales, chord tones & patterns.

  • GOAL:  to be able to take any song & convert to a solo guitar piece with your own unique, artistic touch.

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